Relationship Without the Agenda

I was reading in Mark 5, where Jesus heals multiple people, including raising a young girl from the dead. But in verse 43 Jesus ends his miracle with telling this family that no one should know about this.

I was so confused. Why wouldn’t Jesus want this to be her testimony? Why would he tell them to keep such a miracle to themselves?
I studied deeper, and this instance is not unique. Jesus tells several people throughout the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) that they should keep their miracle a secret. But there’s more to this.

Friends, Jesus doesn’t want to draw a crowd that will only come for the miracles. Yes, he can do anything and he loves making people healed and whole. But more importantly he just wants people to COME to him with no agenda.

I am guilty of this. I don’t know how to pray when I don’t have something “big” to pray for. And how wrong that feels to type out. Because I know that God wants my heart every day and not just when I need him to move mountains. Isn’t that where relationship is formed anyway? The moment by moment closeness to him. The thankfulness, the worship, the abiding in him. Because he’s good.

When I rest in the simplicity of walking with him instead of begging, I feel more fulfilled. More known.

Jesus wants to see us. He wants to show us how good he is, not just for what he can do for us. He’s good because he’s God.

God, we bring today to you. We bring our obsession with what you can do for us, and we are letting it go. Come meet us here and show us more of you. Amen.

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