Part 1: Hannah

Reading: 1 SAMUEL 1-2

Have you experienced a dead end to a desire you’ve had for a long time? Maybe your expectations led you to where you’re at now, and you’re confused and hurt. You’re not alone here (a common theme in the Bible by the way).

1 Samuel 1 describes a woman named Hannah; as the Bible puts it, her womb was closed up. With a deep yearning for a child, the Bible describes Hannah weeping and praying. Later in the passage she prays for God to remember her. From this one verse, I find that we have a friend in God that we can weep and pray to. That we can just ask that he remembers us in the midst of our tears, frustration, and deep longing. The very nature of his character is listening, caring, and close.

She prays for the gift of a child, and God remembers her. We see his character not just in the way he answers her prayers and gives blessings; his eyes are on us!

God’s character is so evident after reading this passage.

God remembers what we ask for.

1 Samuel 1:19 says it clearly: “…and the Lord remembered her.” This verse is a reminder that God doesn’t forget, that he doesn’t hold out on us, and that he doesn’t ignore us.

She knew God was her safe place.

Verse 10 talks about Hannah weeping bitterly as she prayed. I can feel the intensity of her desires as I imagine her pain-filled tears turn into prayers. I know I have been in a place of longing. Sometimes it has manifested itself in anger, but Hannah models giving her burden to the Lord. Though she is probably tired, and most definitely anxious, she releases it to the Lord on her knees.

She recognized that the Lord gave her this gift.

Verse 27 describes Hannah remembering her weepy prayers, attributing her new baby as God’s answered prayer. She makes this a lifestyle and gives Samuel to the Lord.

I want this authenticity that Hannah had: to let God know I’m sad, and give him glory for what his answer to my prayers is.

-How has God remembered you lately?

-What does it look like to be more authentic with God in this season?

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