My Plans Are Great, But…

I spent 30 minutes on Pinterest and I planned out my entire wedding: colors, dress ideas, food, venue, makeup, you name it (not realistically, but you get my point!). It’s quite enjoyable. Then again, I like to plan a lot of things. I like to plan tomorrow, and set myself up now for things five years down the road. I like to know what’s happening, where we’re going, and I like to know it right here, right now. I stay organized and on top of everything, and even think a week ahead of my to-do list in some cases. When I have a plan, I stick to it. And planning is all good…to an extent.

Over the past year, the most incredible thing I’ve learned is that God is a better planner than I am. He taught me very quickly and dramatically that I can make all the plans I want, but they really don’t matter, because God’s purpose always wins when I put Him first. My life looks nothing (seriously, I do mean in every aspect) like it did last April, but I love that. I love that God took me and placed me in this exact location at the perfect time; I love that I could’ve never dreamed it up if I tried. And that’s what allowed my perspective of trusting God to shift dramatically. I saw that even when I wasn’t looking, and even in moments I was resistant, He still cared for me enough to show me how faithful He is. Because here’s the thing: when we just simply let God take control, He arranges, plans, and organizes the finest details of our lives in a way that we never could. He takes our dreams and desires and makes them come to life as we surrender them.

One of the most assuring verses to me is Proverbs 37:23. The Bible explains, “If the Lord delights in a man’s way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.” As we plan out our steps with careful wisdom, God will make them firm because they are decisions grounded in Him. But I also love that He works all things for our good when we fail from time to time (Romans 8:28). I believe one area we fail as Christians is to let the fear of messing up or making wrong decisions paralyze us. We get too scared to “be outside the will of God” so we just stay where we’re at in the safe zone. We don’t take the job, talk to the friend, or get where we need to go. But how could we ever believe the lie that we humans could mess up God’s plan? He is so much higher and bigger than our mess-ups. If He wasn’t, the cross wouldn’t change us.

God is ahead of us and behind us and right with us now. As we use God’s word to light our path, He will show us the way, and baby step by baby step He gives us the wisdom to go where He wants us. Trust God to establish your plans as you surrender your dreams and plans. They’ll always be better than you ever imagined (Ephesians 4:20).

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  1. Your point of people being too scared to be outside of God’s will that they stay in the safe zone reminds me of the sermon Brody preached to this year’s FCA seniors in March. He explained how we can be in God’s will and box ourselves into this little bubble because we are afraid to go into the promised land.(At church we are going through the book of Joshua so the parallel is about the three tribes who ask to have the land on the East of the Jordan instead of actually entering Canaan.) Those tribes never saw the Jordan river dry up or the walls of Jericho fall down because they chose to stay in the box. You can be in God’s will and miss out on blessings and promises God has in store for you. So be encouraged in knowing that God’s plans are greater than ours and don’t let anyone put or keep you in a little Christian box.

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