Less Yes

On a chilly morning recently, I was scrambling out the door. This was yet another day I decided to race the clock as I swiped my makeup on, made breakfast, and packed my lunch for work. I said my goodbyes and walked slowly so my cereal wouldn’t slip off my coffee (yes, I was trying to balance this with one hand). I successfully made it to the car when my cereal slid off the top of the car. Milk splattered on the ground and on my window. And now I have this graceful, funny story to tell.

But I also have another thing to share: I try to balance too much. I mean really, I do. And I know I’m not alone. This coming year, I know that I will hear of lots of resolutions: more exercise, more saving, more healthy eating. But I want less.

Less worrying. Less time that’s consumed. Less juggling.

I know this is the way God meant for it to be. He meant for us to be filled with more of him, and not wasting our breath filling up on the things we chase after.

Luke 10:38 describes Jesus with Mary and Martha. Mary was the one who welcomed Jesus in, but Martha let the busyness distract her from sitting with Jesus. She had so much to do that she wanted Mary to step away from Jesus to help her finish the to-do list.

Martha was distracted by good things; she was trying to prepare for hosting Jesus. But Mary chose the better option. It was the option contrary to our flesh. She listened to her spirit and chose stillness.

I know that’s how I am sometimes. I am so distracted by “good” that I forget what’s better. And that is to sit and listen to Jesus.

We have to choose. I’ve been bad at choosing; sometimes I’ve let my schedule choose for me.

But in 2018, come along with me to choose Jesus—less yes to everything else.

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