Enough is Enough

We’ve all heard a stern, “Enough is enough!” Often it’s said with a punishment tone. Or maybe you’ve whispered this to yourself because your schedule is too tightly packed, and if you have one more demand from someone else you might break. God disrupted this fist-to-the-ground, eyes-wide-open mentality recently. He gently spoke through John 4 alongside Jennie Allen’s Nothing to Prove. He revealed that when He is enough, it is always enough. There’s nothing left to go searching for; I have all I need in Him. Enough is truly enough with God. Yes, I’ve known this, but it doesn’t always make its way in my heart and the way I live my days.


Aren’t we all so tired of being empty? When will we learn that these things don’t keep us full? I want this full life of resting in Him and feeling that these demands are much less weighted when I let God carry them for me while I walk with Him. It is time to run to Jesus for this living, sustaining water—the kind that never makes me thirsty again (John 4:13). I’ve lived my days passing Jesus up for my own version of enough. In this way I feel such a connection with the Samaritan woman in John 4; she didn’t even recognize Jesus as the Messiah and he was right in front of her! He had to plainly tell her who he is in verse 26. Like you and I, she didn’t recognize “enough” when it was directly in her reach. Thank goodness for Jesus’ grace to gently show us what we’re missing so we can live a full life.


What I love most about Jesus’ interaction with the Samaritan woman is that Jesus came close to her when she was living a life of sin and looking for earthly “water” as her source of sustenance. She didn’t have it all together. And how graceful of God to give us His Word packed with imperfect people like you and I that can look to the stories when Jesus came close despite the mess.


I don’t know about you, but my “enough” has been chasing deadlines, keeping up with people I’ve never met on social media, and running errands on my days off. I know I’ve tried to be enough and be put together. And when I chase my own version of “enough”, everything leaves me empty. Maybe your enough is different. Maybe you try to be a “perfect” mom or wife, maybe you feel the pressure of finances, the pressure of “one mistake away from… (fill in the blank)”, or the pressure of opinions. The result is the same: empty.


Enough is enough with our own chase after what we thought was a fulfilled life. His enough is always enough. He is enough. I choose this life of living out of abundance and not scarcity. It seems like rest always leaves room for more anyway.


Going Deeper:


What are you chasing that you think will fulfill you?


What changes can you make today to rest in God’s “enough”?


What is God telling you to put down so you can fill your bucket with His living water?


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